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9 Most Read MacRo Report Blog Posts In 2014

Drawing a commercial real estate correlation with a poop bag, insanity and so called property virgins wasn’t hard for the MacRo Team in 54 blog posts this past year!

Top9MacRoPosts2014In the fourteenth year of the second millennium the writers of the now famous (or infamous, as some may call it) MacRo Report Blog logged in over 53,000 words of what I’d like to think of as “wisdom” that was shared with over 42,839 visitors to our website.

2015 marks the beginning of the 6th year of our adventure into the blogosphere. And while deadlines have sometimes kept us clamoring away at the keyboard as if we were pulling an all-nighter for one college exam after another, it has been fun connecting with our customers, clients and readers from all over the county, state, nation and, yes, the world.

We’ve learned a lot from our readers and the many movers and shakers in the land and commercial real estate market place … not just here in Frederick, Maryland, but just about everywhere.

In case you weren’t paying attention, there was an election last year … and I, of course had to chime with an opinion or two.  Aside from that our primary focus was on offering some insight on the topic of local dirt sales and the structures that go with it.

Humor is important when writing about such things. Often that has taken us (me especially) completely off the CRE radar screen and into stories of what I’d like to think of as my hair-raising adventures.

This year we have broken our top 9 most read blog posts into two categories:  Non-Political and Political.

Everything non-political ranged from our most popular post that covered the remaking of the right side of the City of Frederick and the group that has been championing that cause to warning about comprehensive planning to international building trends to lessons for commercial real estate virgins … of course I need not mention (but I will) the second most popular post about my trip to attend a family in Maine, that well … I had to share!

Check out these posts:

  1. East Frederick Rising the Future of Modern Urban Renewal
  2. 2 Weddings and a Poop Bag
  3. What is This Thing They Call a Comprehensive Land Use Plan
  4. 3 signs your Commercial Real Estate is in Trouble
  5. Top Ten Trends Live from the 2014 International Building Show
  6. City Economic Development Advisory Council Formed
  7. The Market for Land and Building Lots in Frederick County
  8. The Origins of Real Estate Insanity
  9. Property Virgins Commercial Real Estate Edition

For those of you who want to revisit what was written about the races for county executive and county council … well help yourself.  We picked a few winners and some high profile losers, but for me it’s history to be revisited a few years from now … to see how badly we predicted the future.

So here you go, have at it!

  1. The $160 Million Giveaway
  2. Frederick County Primary Election Endorsements Part 1
  3. Frederick County Primary Election Endorsements Part 2
  4. Handicapping the Frederick County Executive and Council Races
  5. A Victory and a Victory
  6. Will Gardner Carry Rain Tax Revenues Home to Annapolis
  7. Frederick County Board of Election Candidate Primary Election Endorsements
  8. Time Travel with the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce
  9. Land Use Lies and Politics

As stated we wouldn’t be writing all this stuff if you weren’t reading … We hope you will tune in as this year unfolds.

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Thanks for reading!

The author: Rocky Mackintosh, President, MacRo, Ltd., a Land and Commercial Real Estate firm based in Frederick, Maryland. He has been an active member of the Frederick, Maryland community for over four decades.  He has served as chairman of the board of Frederick Memorial Hospital and as a member of the Frederick County Charter Board from 2010 to 2012, to name a few.


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