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Maximizing Value is Our Top Priority

Frederick Commercial Real Estate
MacRo consistently produces strong results for its commercial real estate clients by leveraging its local and regional network of property owners, buyers and potential tenants. Add this to our leading-edge marketing approach and deep commercial market understanding and you have the recipe for an efficient, profitable sale, purchase or lease agreement.

Max Value

Maximizing the value of your commercial property or commercial real estate portfolio is our top priority. For twenty-five years and counting, we’ve consistently delivered strong returns across a wide range of commercial property types, locations and market conditions.


We make sure to understand your objectives and needs because commercial real estate is about property and people, and fully knowing one and not the other is just bad business.


Getting maximum value from your commercial property investment always means strong returns. But for MacRo it goes beyond that. Maximizing value means strong returns and building long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships that go beyond the merits of any single transaction.

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