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The Best of 2019: Nine Favorite MacRo Report Blogs

Breaking the scoop, solutions to I-270 congestion, a person to watch, client appreciation and a rafting trip of a lifetime were some of the topics that captivated the interest of our subscribers last year!

In the tenth anniversary year of the MacRo Report Blog, our readership had a chance to stay ahead of the news, gain some market insight and enjoy some great stories.

Here’s a review of your favorites:

 Big Scoops on the News

If we weren’t creating news in 2019, the MacRo Team found a couple of opportunities to break the news before it was made public.  To the disappointment of our good friends at the Frederick County Office of Economic Development, our post on January 23rd broke the news that a major cancer research firm plans to bring over 900 jobs to Frederick County.  The post entitled Land Records Reveal Kite Pharma To Locate In Urbana, kind of blew the surprise announcement that the county had planned, as the Frederick News-Post picked up the story the next day.  Oh, well!

The News-Post chased after another exciting story that the MacRo broke on Sunday, May 18th, when in coordination with the Washington Post, we posted Monorail: A Real Solution for I-270 Frederick County CommutersThe next week, we gave the editors at the News-Post permission to reprint our entire 2,431-word article (with picture) on the front page of their Sunday Commentary section.  From this the project developer Robert Eisinger and Rocky Mackintosh made the rounds to local Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce meetings pitching the idea.  The momentum for the project has become very strong.  Check out the FNP’s latest update in yesterday’s front page story by reporter Ryan Marshall.

 Promotional Excitement

Our inhouse millennial rising star, Vice President Ashleigh Kiggans was selected by Frederick Magazine in its annual search for the top five “People to Watch.”  We burst for joy by singing her praises in a May 1st post entitled Yep, She Did It Again!  It seems that there is no stopping this young lady … So, it has us asking, what will she accomplish in 2020!?!  We will all just have to wait and see!!

 Commercial Real Estate Advice and Services

As in past years, we have found that a good number of our readers enjoy articles where we outline the services MacRo has provided to our customer and clients. 2019 was no exception, when four of our posts reached the Top 9 Status:

  • Oh, That Thing Called A “Budget” was penned by Ashleigh Kiggans on March 3rd, where she touched on her “in the trenches” experiences by providing advice to young entrepreneurs who seek to enter into a commercial lease for the first time.
  • Your Land Experts AKA “Land Guy” written by our long time Vice President Dave Wilkinson, appeared in our annual company newsletter and again in the blog on October 9th. He outlines some of the outstanding land transactions that he and other MacRo team members have assisted clients in completing.
  • Customizing Marketing Services to Client Needs (10/2/19) started off with a quote from Margaret Mead: “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” In it, we touched on how our hands-on approach can often provide help in a special way.
  • To My Good Friend, Bob is one of Rocky’s favorites for the year. It appeared on October 23rd as he shared his sincere appreciation to one of his close friends Dr. Robert (Bob) Fisher.  The good doctor entrusted Rocky to represent him with nearly all of his commercial real estate transactions over the years.  Bob, a retired orthopedic surgeon also happened to be the main man who repaired Rocky’s many broken and fractured bones over the last 40 years!

 Getting away from it all!

Yes, topics that step one away from business have always been popular on the MacRo Report Blog.  This year we had two posts that our readers clicked on … a lot!

First, as those who know Rocky well, once again he ventured off on another white-water rafting trip.  This time he was joined by his ten-year-old grandson Colten, who enjoyed his maiden voyage White Water Rafting Through Cataract CanyonIf you enjoy adventure stories, this was a good one … But stay tuned as two more river trips are on his agenda for 2020!

Finally, an annual post that has surprisingly been growing in popularity over the last three years:  Seems more than a few of our subscribers want to know about Rocky’s Summer Reading List.  2019 was so popular that we were asked to run that post a second time.  In case you missed it, check it out!

For MacRo, Ltd., Commercial Real Estate Services, it was another terrific year, and to you our customers, clients and loyal readership, we thank you for your support!  As we begin our fourth decade of commercial real estate services to Frederick and its surrounding counties, those who follow our writings will not be disappointed in what 2020 will bring!

Happy New Year!

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