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Will Commercial Real Estate Continue to Pop in 2020?

After ten years of steady growth, many wonder if the US economy can keep chugging along.

January of each year seems to always bring the economic gurus groundhog out to make their predictions.  This year has been no exception.

For the last several years, many of these forecasters have predicted the end of this boom is just over the horizon … and the gains in commercial real estate development have been no exception!

Earlier this month, Rocky Mackintosh attended one of his most favorite business meetings of the year to hear if those economic gurus will see their shadows in 2020.

Will the dawn of a new decade drop the curtain on the prosperity that we CRE brokers and our investors have been enjoying?

Well … you will just have to wait another week, because this kind of news takes a bit longer to pull together.

It will be worth it!!!

Tune in next week!!!

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