Marketing Your Assets

Evolve. Integrate. Close.

The commercial real estate and land market never stops evolving, and neither does MacRo. We constantly monitor, adjust and evolve our marketing approach to consistently attract highly qualified buyers and tenants to your assets. Our approach generates interest and keeps it, yielding leads that convert into contracts or lease agreements at a strong rate.

Our marketing approach is different than many local and regional commercial real estate brokerages. Here’s why.

MacRo Evolves

We believe in our approach, but not as a uniformly applied system. Every asset, every owner and every market environment is different. We will build a marketing strategy for you and your asset or assets, tailoring every facet of the program for your specific situation. One-size-fits-all is not in our toolbox.

  • Because our marketing approach is integrated we maintain a high level of tactical agility.
  • Moreover, we constantly monitor and adjust our approach. If certain tactics are not producing, we’ll make a change based on hard campaign data. And we can change quickly with little cost to you because we deftly balance less flexible print and traditional media with highly flexible digital methods.
MacRo Integrates

Integrated marketing reaches your buyers or tenants at multiple touch points, building your asset’s brand across a variety of platforms. If we don’t inspire them through signage, a print ad or a virtual tour to pick up the phone, we’ll attract them through mobile-friendly social media, digital and email campaigns.

  • In today’s commercial real estate and land markets, savvy buyers move quickly. Static, “old school” marketing and advertising is most effective when operating within a broader, digitally sophisticated marketing platform.
  • At the core of our approach is inbound. Instead of only pushing out sales pitches to potential leads via, say, direct mail or a newspaper ad, our approach draws leads in by consistently providing interesting and valuable content.
  • MacRo has become a trusted, valuable resource for qualified leads by providing timely content while introducing commercial properties and land that might appeal to them.
MacRo Closes

Leads will close at a higher rate when they trust the source promoting your asset or assets. It’s seems simple and obvious, but many commercial real estate brokerage firms forget this simple fact and fire-off costly direct mail campaigns or large print ads without realizing today’s buyer or tenant does not want to be sold.

  • Inbound marketing embraces a lead’s journey, providing varied, value-based content linked to the stage a lead is passing through. We tailor content to meet a lead’s current need, quickly moving them through their journey and toward an efficient closing.
  • Asking a new lead to provide sensitive, personal financial information or make a serious commitment immediately simply does not work or make sense. However, drawing them in with a white paper for first-time commercial real estate investors, for example, will resonate with a certain lead and bring them within our sphere of influence.
  • Our marketing approach mirrors our trust-anchored approach to our business and relationships. People trust us and our marketing is simply an extension of this quality. Trust works.