Our Business Philosophy

MacRo’s number one goal: maximizing profitability of your commercial real estate transaction.

This is true whether you are in the market to sell, lease, or acquire land or commercial property, need commercial property management services, or guidance in commercial real estate transactions or land development.

Every aspect of the MacRo business philosophy is guided by that goal.

We focus solely on land and commercial real estate.

The commercial real estate market does not resemble the residential market at all (don’t believe anyone who tells you it does). MacRo’s team has decades of experience spanning a wide range of commercial property types and uses, and we understand the complexities of each. We know how to navigate the processes for acquiring surveys, occupancy and change-of-use permits, signage, environmental studies, zoning approvals, and development hearings and more.

We track the local commercial real estate market closely.

MacRo expends significant time and resources tracking commercial real estate market statistics in Frederick and the surrounding areas, as well as economic and legislative news that impact the market short and long-term. Become a MacRo insider and get “first look” access to our MacRo Report Blog and our MacRo Report.

We conduct a thorough market analysis of every transaction

Whether a client is buying, selling, leasing, or needs consulting services, we conduct the necessary research and analysis to provide a clear picture of the range of market values that are feasible given local economic and market conditions. We then collaborate with our clients to find value scenarios that best match their goals and the realities of the market.

MacRo Commercial Real Estate


We are experienced and creative deal makers—no two are alike.

The best thing about practicing commercial real estate?  The wide variety in properties and deals, and the freedom and creativity commercial brokers have to problem-solve the market and construct win-win solutions for both sides of the table. At MacRo, we look at every transaction with fresh eyes and take a customized approach to each deal.

We aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.

We counsel on potential conditions of properties that can have adverse effects on the final price, and provide guidance on remediating those issues.

We are passionate about marketing—both new and traditional.

MacRo is an aggressive early adopter and tester of platforms and technologies used for marketing and social media. But we also understand that many deals in the Frederick market are still catalyzed via word-of-mouth and casual meetings out on the street. MacRo leverages cutting-edge technologies, along with decades of connections and contacts in the Frederick business community, to ensure our clients’ properties are front and center of the market.

We are well-practiced in the art of negotiation.

Effective negotiation requires patience, integrity, and the creativity to find solutions to the issues both big and small that can cause a deal to unravel. We shepherd transactions every step of the way. The deal isn’t done until the transaction has closed—and at MacRo we go above and beyond to ensure that no detail goes overlooked, regardless of which side of the table we present. You’ll never hear us say “that’s not our job.”

If we aren’t qualified to handle a certain aspect of a transaction, or resolve an issue, we’ll find the right professional who is.