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Not Just Another Frederick County Election

The MacRo Report Blog this week welcomes our newest guest writer local attorney and civic leader Tom LynchNot Just Another Frederick County Election

This is an important election for Frederick County.  The primary results make clear that this will be one of the most polarized elections in recent memory, which is reflective of the tensions that exist in Frederick County and throughout the country.

Some will say that a brutal, polarized election is precisely what we need in Frederick County.  Despite years of effort to promote civil discourse in this County, it is hard for me to contest this thought.

Ten years ago efforts were made to build consensus on many issues, including the need for the change in our structure of government.  Regrettably, although many believe that change is necessary and inevitable, our political leaders showed no will after the 2006 election to lead the effort, to the substantial dismay of those of us who built consensus on the issue.

Our government structure remains a significant impediment to true progress.  However, for our own survival, this election must be about an honest evaluation of the cost of all government (especially legacy costs such as retirement and other benefits) and having our County government more “user friendly” so as to allow businesses to succeed in the interest of preserving jobs in Frederick County.

Without a business community, we erode our tax base.  Many more of us could lose our jobs and we could very well have a financially destitute County government and municipalities.

Dealing effectively and honestly with these issues requires courageous and visionary leadership; leaders who recognize the value of business to support our economy, the lives of our employees, our non-profit community and equally, our governmental bodies.  Unfortunately, too few people are voting which is reflective of a very disillusioned electorate.

Your vote counts – our community’s business life depends on it.  Please vote and also please educate yourself on each candidate’s positions on business issues by consulting the ratings provided by the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce.

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Thomas E. Lynch, III  is a principal of Miles & Stockbridge , a law firm for which he has worked for 30 years.  He has a very diversified litigation background but also has served as a neutral mediator for more than 15 years.  Tom is known for his very broad knowledge on ethics issues; having participated as a member of the Maryland State Bar Ethics Committee since 1989.  He was appointed by the Maryland Court of Appeals to serve and continues to serve on its Professionalism Commission.   Mr. Lynch serves on the Boards of Directors of the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce and is a former board member of the Maryland State Chamber of Commerce.   He is married to Karlys Kline and they live in downtown Frederick.  He has two daughters and one grandson. 

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