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National Park Service responds to MacRo, Ltd. Hotel/Conference Center Proposal

Well,  just two days ago the with the story about our interest in having a parcel of commercial real estate Site F considered as a the location for the future downtown Frederick Hotel Conference Center site.

00000000000This morning reporter Patti Borda authored about the typically slow moving Park Service”s effort to expedite their request to get the lease done as quickly as possible.   There is also a , executive assistant to Mayor Randy McClement, explaining the City processes for the Park Service lease approval and that of the hotel/conference center site selection.

While there was a workshop vote on the part of the Board of Aldermen a few months ago to proceed with negotiations with the Park Service lease, the idea of offering Site F and the Park Service (Jenkin”s Cannery/Bean Factory) parcel to the City as a viable idea for the hotel project was pitched by us in very preliminary form to the City”s  hotel/conference center site selection committee several months ago.  Unfortunately the contents of this discussion did not make it to the Alderman prior to a vote, so they were not aware of our idea at the time that they cast a vote.  While I try ot keep a close eye on the agenda items for Mayor and Board meetings, I missed the workshop where the lease extension was discussed.  My bad so for those who believe that our idea does have merit and it should be properly vetted before a lease is executed, please plan on attending the Mayor and Board meeting where the lease is discussed further.  Time and date has not been set as yet, but stay tuned, we will let you know.

Here is the link to view the full MacRo proposal to the City for a Hotel-Conference Center on Sites F & G.

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