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Mid-Maryland Land & Commercial Real Estate Talk on the Web: a VOID or Black Hole?

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For those who know me, it’s nice to know that despite that fact, you have taken the time to check out this site!   For newcomers to MacRo, Ltd.I really appreciate your interest in landing here. I hope you find your visit worthwhile and will return … or better yet subscribe.   If you don’t know me, scroll down to an earlier post and you will learn a bit about my DNA. Otherwise read on.

So with all that said and 38 years of involvement is the real estate industry in the Frederick County and Mid-Maryland region, some may ask why I’m entering the “Blogosphere” now.   Well, quite simply I think that there is a VOID that can be filled, and I’d like to do my part.

What is this VOID?

Unlike a Black Hole, where a lot of stuff goes in never to be seen again, seems to me that there is a virtual void in local hardcopy and on the web where a regular focus is placed on the people and issues that influence land and commercial real estate in our area.  So for those who know me well, you can rest assured that it is not my intention here to engage in a blog of bloviation.   On the contrary we plan to reach out to our community by inviting the “Movers and Shakers” of the industry and government to bring discussion, opinion and education to the hot topics of the day.

Diversity of opinion is vital to the success of this site.  For example with an important county election coming up, we look forward to learning the positions and opinions of the political candidates and other officials on planning, zoning and regulatory matters.  We’ll ask economists, appraisers, bankers and even conservationists to look into their crystal balls and forecast the year and decade ahead.  And of course we’ll get some insight from the development community, legal minds, retailers and other business types, including some of our community’s notable “talking heads.”

While I’ll be offering my share of real estate broker and developer insight and opinions, I really want the last word to come from you!   Education is an important part of what we want our readers to get out of this experience.  Especially if you plan to spend any time in the VOID!

Is There Another Reason for this Blog?

Sure, MacRo, Ltd. is in the real estate service business offering sales, leasing, consulting and property management to a select niche of clientele, and we’d like you to get to know us better.  So if you’re looking for a firm like this, we’d love to talk to you.  Enough for my sales pitch!

Goal Posts  / Posting Goals

Our goal is to post a couple of times a week with the transcript of an interview or commentary of/from a contributing Movers and Shaker and offer up my commentary on news, trends and topics.  My associate Dave Wilkinson will be chiming in along the way,  too.  Notices of our postings will appear on our FacebookTwitter,and LinkedIn pages as well as via email.  But most importantly the feedback of and conversation among our readers is what will truly add value to the experience.

So … what do you think?  Please give us your thoughts.  We welcome your ideas for fresh topics!

Best wishes!

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