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A Bit about Rocky Mackintosh

So let’s get this out of the way! 00000000000

My given name is Earl Middleton Mackintosh, III.  I’m the sixth generation of my family born in Washington, DC.  Family history has us back and forth between Frederick County, Maryland and the DC area a few times over the last 200 years.  My rearin’ years were spent in Bethesda  (Montgomery County, MD) and laboring away on a family farm at the foot of Sugarloaf Mountain in Adamstown, Maryland.  I’m the oldest of six kids, and the real estate business is in my DNA.  It all started with Earl, Sr., who stumbled his way into the industry as a clerk in DC about 1906 with a well known firm for nearly 100 years — Shannon & Luchs.  He later went on to become a partner with Weaver Bros., Inc., a DC real estate, insurance and mortgage banking firm.  My father, Earl, Jr., joined the firm after service in the Navy in WWII.  I was fortunate enough to be mentored well and absorbed some useful knowledge along the way.

When I graduated from college, I chose not to follow the family DC real estate path … and this young man chose to Go West, staking a claim in real estate sales in Frederick County.  Along the way, I’ve brokered millions of dollars in farm, land and commercial transactions.  I’ve bought and partnered with folks in all sorts of property: residential developments,  rural subdivisions, multi-family and commercial projects.  Sometimes my timing has been spot on, and like most of us who have partaken often, missed the mark completely a fair share of the time, too.

But most importantly, I’ve “developed” a number of terrific relationships over the years with a lot of people who are way smarter than I am.Birth announce - die cast

I’ve started a few businesses, including Mackintosh, REALTORS, that three of my brothers now own and successfully operate, and I’ve learned many valuable lessons along the way.

I have a passion for politics at every level — especially on how governmental decisions impact the rights and values of real estate.  I have expressed my views and rallied troops around a cause more than once, but have suffered from Foot in Mouth Disease a few times as well.  I believe strongly in airing all sides of the issues and very much enjoy a lively debate.

My other passion is giving back to my community in a way that makes a difference.  Philanthropy is always important, but putting the time into a cause is even more so.  Most of my focus has been in the areas of education, community healthcare and helping the less fortunate.

Now, whether or not all this supposed wisdom is worthy of a blog is up to you and other readers.

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