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9 Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

Call them juicy, insightful, classless, educational, inspiring or whatever else you want … one thing is for sure–these blog posts from last year really hit a chord with thousands of our readers.

9_Favorite_MacRo_Report_Image_January_7th_MacRo_Blog-2.jpgOut of the fifty plus blog posts of the last 12 months, the readers of the MacRo Report Blog found their favorites in a variety of topics offered. If you are one of the many who have loyally received and read the posts that are broadcast through our weekly email blasts, we thank you!

But just in case you missed a few, here are the best of the best:

A Juicy Look Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered how a multi-million dollar deal is structured for a Fortune 100 company seeking to lease office space in Frederick County in a market full of vacancies? Dissecting The Terms Of A Large Frederick County Commercial Office Lease was a must read for hundreds of people this year … in case you missed it, here’s your chance!

Cost of Public Schools … YIKES!

One of the local media topics of 2015 focused on the incredible (some would say outrageous) costs associated with building new public schools in Frederick County; so it seemed appropriate that MacRo President Rocky Mackintosh throw his 2 cents in the pot. Without a doubt Why Do Frederick County Public Schools Cost So Much More Than Schools In Other States? nearly set an all time reader record on the MacRo Report Blog, and garnered a lot of debate on social media. Will the problem be resolved in 2016?

Marketing CRE

Local marketing guru Christina May offered property owners 5 Commercial Real Estate Marketing Tips For 2015. While approaches to marketing commercial real estate in Frederick County, Maryland and nationwide change with the times, these cutting edge tips are still very current for 2016 … well worth the read!

Having Fun on Another Continent 

The year would not be complete without at least one post dedicated to the travels of Rocky and his friends! In The Great South American Con Game, Rocky recounts the incredible adventure that he and 7 other Frederick-Countians took into the jungles of Peru and the many islands of the Galapagos in Ecuador. The con games they played take celebration to a new level.

Frustration with Local Government

The 1970’s rock n’ roll group Stealers Wheel provided the inspiration for one of our most popular posts of 2015. Stuck In The Middle With Who? Frederick County Council Thoughts was written as a parody of sorts about the apparent dysfunction among the 4 elected Republican County Council members back in May of last year … has anything changed over the course of the last 9 months? Well, we’ll let you be the judge!

Insightful Leasing Tips

Are you a small business person who is facing the positive effects of a need for expansion? In Commercial Leasing 101: Negotiating An Office Lease, the MacRo Team offers a detailed primer on the dos and don’ts of what to look out for in making a move. Several hundred of our readers took the time to read these helpful tips … Why don’t you?

Our Classless Society?Whether you know it or not, if you live in Frederick County, Maryland, you are either a Fredneck or a member of Frederick’s rising new class of elitists. That is Rocky’s “take” and many others who fell upon a very controversial letter to the editor in the Washington Post. What was all the fuss about that burned up the servers at MacRo? Read it here in All Hail The Conquering NEW URBANITES!

Market Trends that Should Not Be Ignored

One thing real estate observers know for sure is that markets are always changing, adapting and reacting to the swings in the economy. While many sectors of the commercial real estate market are still recovering from the powerful collapse of eight years ago, some are being forced to completely rethink the Highest and Best Use for commercial properties that once seemed to be prime office space. In The Next Big Urbanization, MacRo’s own Steve Cranford garnered a huge following as he highlighted an important trend taking place in today’s office and apartment markets.

The Economy

We finish the list with how the year started! The post entitled 2015 Frederick Commercial Real Estate To Benefit From Positive Job Growth provided a reflection on how the economics of 2014 laid the groundwork for 2015. Insight came from noted economist Anirban Basu and well known local commercial real estate appraiser Michael Pugh. Their collective outlook was positive, but how did things really shake out, and what is ahead for this New Year? Well, tune in next week for our 2016 outlook!

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Ashleigh Kiggans, Sales & Leasing Associate, joined the MacRo team in 2015. She plays a key role within the organization, assisting the leadership team across a wide range of initiatives, including market research, data analysis, client communications and marketing while assisting with the sales and leasing transactional process.

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