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Frederick Classical Charter School Cuts the Ribbon

MacRo, Ltd. assists another new public charter school in finding a home in Frederick! 

Ribbon Cutting for Frederick Classical Charter School - August 11, 2013 -- real estate leasing services provided by MacRo, Ltd.

It was a long time coming, but after nearly 4 years of effort by a team of determined local citizens the Frederick Classical Charter School (FCCS) will be opening its doors to 280 K through 6 grade students on August 19th.

The new public school is located at 8445 Spires Way in the Riverside Technology Park in the City of Frederick.  It currently occupies 28,680 square feet of finished space in the flex buildings that are owned and developed by St. John Properties.  As the school expands into 7th and 8th grades over the next two years, and with plans to begin a high school, FCCS will likely need another 25,000 or more square feet.

A ribbon cutting ceremony took place at the new school on Sunday, August 11, 2013.  Several hundred supporters, parents and students were in attendance as the founding board members and the Head of the school Jacqueline Piro pulled out a giant pair of scissors and cut the ribbon.

Tom Neumark, the president of the board of FCCS, expressed delight in the quality of the facility that the developer delivered.  A visitor representative of a national public charter school advisory group commented to Neumark that for a first year public charter school to start out with such a building is highly unusual.  With no facility funding from most public school systems, the typical charter school will start out in an old building that barely meets system standards.

Other founding members of the FCCS board of directors are Ginger Mortellaro as Vice President, Leslie Mansfield as Acting Treasurer, Sue Middleton as Secretary and Holly O’Shea.

Rocky Mackintosh, President of MacRo, Ltd. represented FCCS in the lease negotiations with St. John Properties.  Mackintosh began working with Monocacy Montessori Communities, Maryland’s first public charter school, over 12 years ago.  He and members of his firm have provided counsel and/or real estate services since then to nearly every public charter school applicant that has sought a charter through the Board of Education of the Frederick County Public School system.

For more information about the specialized real estate services provided to public charter schools, contact Rocky Mackintosh.


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