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Election for Mayor of Frederick Kicks Off with Roundtable Discussion

Seven candidates are vying for the city’s top post, and on July 8th they face off for the first time.

Frederick-Fireworks1It seems appropriate that MacRo Report publicize a political event on the week we celebrate Independence Day.

We’ve already begun covering Frederick’s upcoming mayoral election in the MacRo report, with profiles of candidates Galen Clagett and former mayor Jennifer Dougherty who is making another run.

In addition to Clagett (D) and Dougherty (I), two other candidates quickly threw their hats into the ring:  Karen Young (D) and Mayor Randy McClement (R).

As the July 2nd filing deadline approached three more candidates stepped up to the plate: McClement’s mayoral predecessor Jeff Holtzinger (R), current alderwoman Shelley Aloi (R) and political newcomer Carol Hirsch (D), who is an active member of Frederick’s deaf community.

This promises to be a very exciting and hotly contested race, and before the summer is over we will give each of the five candidates his or her due coverage–whether they like it or not!

In the meantime, the first Mayoral Debate has been scheduled for July 8th, hosted by Frederick Gorilla MagazineWFMD Radio, and both the Young Democrats and Young Republicans of Frederick.

The event will be an unscripted, moderated round-table discussion held at the FAUX School at 5:30 p.m., and seating is limited.  The event will be videotaped, however.

Click here for further details and information to reserve seating.

It’s easy to lose sight of the sheer miracle of democracy when caught up in the day-to-day partisan political bickering that has become a constant background noise here in the U.S.

On July 4th, after the crab feasts and cookouts and parades and picnics are done, after twilight steals across the City of Frederick and is followed by the expectant, sleepy hush of thousands of people gathered in and around Baker Park, the first cannon-blast BOOM and showering cascade of sparks will serve as both benediction and reminder:  Americans are free, as free as any people on this Earth can claim to be, and our precious freedom has been bought and defended at a dear price.

Happy Independence Day to all.

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The authors: Rocky Mackintosh is President of MacRo, Ltd., a Land and Commercial Real Estate firm based in Frederick, Maryland. He also writes for  Kathy Krach is a commercial sales and leasing agent with MacRo.

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