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Drafting a Constitution for Frederick County, Maryland

On behalf of the Frederick County Charter Board, Vice Chairman Robert J. Kresslein, Esq. released the following press release at 6:22 PM EST on April 6, 2011MacRo_OldSize_BlogPlaceholder

Recently, the Board of County Commissioners (“BOCC”) appointed nine (9) members and three (3) alternates to serve on the Charter Board to draft a Charter or Constitution for Frederick County.  Fifty (52) two people applied to serve.  We do not know why in particular any one or all of us were chosen, but we each see our appointment as an opportunity to move the county forward and bring more accountability and balance to the operations of our county government.

The charter writing process includes the right of the public to petition the BOCC for an election to determine whether others should serve in place of some or all of us.  Some individuals have initiated a petition drive in order to do so.  If successful, a special election will occur to determine the final composition of the Charter Board.

While we recognize that the law permits a petition for a special election, we certainly hope that the special election initiative does not delay the process of adopting a constitution for Frederick County.    Whatever its composition, it is our desire that the work of the Board be completed in time for its consideration at the Presidential election in 2012 in order to place the question in front of the largest number of possible voters. In order to move the process forward we have commenced our deliberations.

We believe that the appointed members and alternates can and will draft a well-considered constitution for the people of Frederick County.

We commit to the citizens of Frederick County that the Charter Board will conduct its proceedings in an open and transparent fashion, seeking input and advice from all segments of our community.  We will thoughtfully consider your concerns and weigh all of the options available to provide for the most efficient and accountable government possible.

We urge you to attend our sessions and to contact the Board with any questions you may have at

The Frederick County Charter Board

Kenneth R. Coffey, Chair, Robert J. Kresslein, Esq.,  Vice Chair, Debra Borden, Esq.  Secretary, Fred A. Anderson, Joan M. Aquilino, Dr. Thomas L. Browning, W. Jeff Holtzinger,  Esq., Hon. James E. Hoover,  Earl M. Mackintosh, III, Douglas D. Browning, Dana P. French, Earl H. Robbins

For More Information Contact:  Robert Kresslein, Vice Chairman at 301-682-9840 or email at

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