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Who You Gonna Call?

Businesses need a home, and commercial real estate is often the place to be!

Although this phrase is part of the theme song from an extremely popular and funny movie, it has a note relevance in the world of commercial real estate.

Several times a week we get calls from people interested in:

  • Opening a brick and mortar business;
  • Relocating their business;
  • Selling their building or farm, after being there for decades or more;
  • Adjusting their stable of properties to accommodate changes in their life.

That conversation quickly becomes a consultation identifying their goals, desires, and financial situation.

When you are about to make this life changing type of decision, your first call is extremely important. Generally, that first call is to a trusted advisor, a confidant, someone you believe will understand your position and offer honest guidance. Is it your financial advisor, your tax attorney, or a relative who knew someone who did something kinda similar once?

More often than not, when someone decides they are going make a change in their business life that involves real estate, they call a commercial broker. That’s because we are at the center of all those types of changes.

Think about it.

To start your brick and mortar business, you need to know the cost of opening those doors and maintaining that foot print before you seek financial support.

Relocating your business is truly a life altering activity. It can be the next step in your growth model, or it can be a highly stressed consolidation. Simply picking a convenient spot has never proven successful, in the long run. Accurate and concise real estate analysis is the critical component in making the right decision to achieve your goal.

Then there is the decision that requires the most understanding: selling your building or farm where you’ve operated for decades or longer. That location has been your identity, the center of your professional life, the thing that got you all the other joyful things you’ve experienced. You are hoping it’s the financial launching point for your next adventure. At that point, you need a precise and comprehensive market evaluation to enable you to feel comfortable with your decision.

Finally, you have invested in a stable of properties over the years and now you want to leverage that investment to increase your portfolio, or you need to adjust your holdings to accommodate changes in your life. To conduct the proper level of due diligence, you need access to a sophisticated, across-the-board analysis providing you market information few sources can provide. That analysis must come from a trusted advisor, a confidant, someone who understands your position and can provide you honest guidance and clear options. Only then can you feel comfortable in making the right decision for your needs.

As you can see, commercial real estate professionals cover an array of solid relationship activities, from analyst and consultant to trusted advisor. As professionals, we encounter a variety of unique and challenging situations. Our work is like no other in that we are strategically involved with the ups and downs of our clients across a variety of markets and property types.

We have learned over time that in order to be successful we consult rather than sell; we counsel instead of dictate; we educate while learning; and we build lasting relationships rather than just logging another transaction.

So, in your commercial real estate world, when you get to THAT question of “Who you gonna call?”, your first call should be to MacRo Ltd. Like the song states, “Don’t get caught”.

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