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Update on Board of Frederick County Commissioners’ Stormwater Code Revisions

Yeah, I know that this is “Yawning” material for many, but I want to close the loop on it … however, seems it has a ways to go yet.00000000000

Anyway … today a majority of the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) moved toward adopting new provisions to the Frederick County Code in order to reach state mandated compliance with recent changes to the Maryland “Stormwater Act of 2007.”  Everything will now go to public hearing within the next couple of weeks before a final vote.

There was some scurrying by local government to establish some last minute grandfathering language in the Code, so as to provide for qualified exemptions of existing land development projects that “received preliminary plan project approval prior to May 4, 2010.”  The state passed emergency legislation last month to provide this option, but it has been up to each county to craft their own grandfathering language … if they so desired.

Although it would be more practical to provide grandfathering at site plan application, at least the BOCC is moving in the right direction.  There will be an opportunity for public input, so further discussion will be taking place.

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