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Two Big Winners the Pre-Primary Poll for Frederick County Commissioner

Well, the results are in for our very unscientific Pre-Primary Poll.

Big Winners in the PrePrimary BOCC PollThere were two big winners: Michael Kurtianyk on the Democratic side with 53% out of seven candidates, and Blaine Young for the Republicans with 47% out of twelve candidates.

Out of the seven different combinations of Democratic candidates to go forward into the general election, theKurtianyk, Norris, Trout, Whitmore, Wiles ticket came out ahead with 6% of the vote, but with many more variations not listed, 14% stated that their combination was not listed, and 50% stated that they would only cast a vote for one or more, but not five.

On the Republican side seven combinations were also offered with a bazillion other possibilities not listed.  Thirty-four percent selected the Delauter, Imhoff, Shreve, Smith, Young mix, with another 29% stating that their combination was not offered.  Nineteen percent stated that they would only cast a vote for one or more, but not five.

 (You will note that the Republican statistics on the full survey results are different from the chart on the right due to the fact that there are so many candidates in that  race we had to break them out into 2 separate poll questions.  The chart here is a better summation of the totals).

The survey ran from noon Saturday, August 28th through 10:00 PM September 1, 2010.

While the results may cause some candidates to have their heads swell and other think that they should consider folding up their tents, I’d say stop right there and rethink your plan.

As stated this was a very unscientific web-based poll.  We broadcast the offering to take this survey out to our 3,000 followers via email and purchased an ad on facebook that derived several hundred click-throughs to the survey.  In the case of the latter, the ad does allow participants who are not connected to MacRo, Ltd. to vote.  We also provided a link through the MacRo, Ltd. Facebook Fan Page as well as the same Twitter at least once each day during the survey period.

All participants had the opportunity to cast votes for Democrats and Republicans.

This is a new service that we are using, and after it was published we discovered that it required email addresses.  This alone in several cases caused many to not participate, as our feedback reflected … to that end we pledged that we will not use or access the information that was associated with the email addresses.  So … when we do our general election poll in late October, we will have worked through all these kinks.

In any event, the major thing that I considered a take away from this poll is that certain candidates are either very popular in their own right, or they really worked their consistencies to get out the vote!  … and enthusiasm and hard work is what wins elections!

So thanks for your participation!

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