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Six Frederick Community Leaders Share Their 2012 Wish Lists

But can they dance to Christmas music?  See for yourself as Ric Adams, Shelley Aloi, Betsy Day, Shabri Moore, Billy Shreve, Matt Warner and Rocky Mackintosh try to dance their way into the Holiday Spirit!

00000000000I enjoyed putting together Tuesday’s post Our Top Six Christmas Wishes for Frederick County, with the focus of the MacRo Report Blog as always to stay on issues and trends that reflect and impact land and commercial real estate – be it actions of government or happenings in the public sector.

But, I mused, how closely do our priorities align with the rest of the Frederick community?  Are there any real estate development wishes in the minds of other non-real estate folks?

With that said, I decided to seek out a cross-section of Frederick “movers and shakers” in the business, government, and nonprofit sectors to have them share their wish lists for the coming year … and even dance for our readers as well!!!


Read on to find out what they are hoping the New Year brings to our community.


Ric Adams, President and CEO, Frederick County Chamber of CommerceRic Adams, President and CEO,
Frederick County Chamber of Commerce

“I wish for Frederick County to have a charter government.  We are the 8th largest county in Maryland, yet we don’t get our fair share of state funding nor do we have a seat at the table.  A charter government will give us a voice in Annapolis.

“I also want Frederick to have a hotel and conference center [not necessarily on the site proposed by MacRo, Ltd!]  that would complete our downtown development.  This item is number one on the wish list of Frederick County’s major employers.”

Shelley Aloi, Alderman, City of FrederickShelley Aloi, Alderman,
City of Frederick

“My Christmas wish for Frederick is that our leaders in both the public and private sectors prioritize service to others.

That they work together for the good of the larger community, forsaking political and self-serving agendas, to focus on making Frederick the premier place to live, work and play.”

Matt Warner, President, R.W. Warner, Inc.Matt Warner, President,
R.W. Warner, Inc.

“My number one priority for Frederick is to build .  It would bring more stimuli to Frederick City by freeing up construction on projects that have been delayed while we are waiting for the deck to be built.

“My number two is a hotel and conference center downtown.  It would be great for the City of Frederick to move the development of Carroll Creek forward.”

Betsy Day, President, Community Foundation of Frederick CountyBetsy Day, President,
Community Foundation of Frederick County

“If I were Santa Claus, I’d give every Frederick County resident who would like to pursue post-secondary education or vocational training a scholarship to help them achieve their career goals and dreams. Then, because so many local nonprofits are working harder than ever to provide services in spite of these difficult economic times, I’d give each one enough grant money to ensure it can fulfill its mission and continue creating positive and lasting change.

“I hope Santa will bring more resources and collaboration so that families who are precariously housed are able to stay in their homes, children are ready to learn when they enter school, and all persons are able to receive affordable and accessible medical care.

“For Christmas, I’d like everyone to know that every charitable gift they make, whether it’s one dollar or one thousand dollars, does make a difference in changing people’s lives for good. “

Billy Shreve, Member, Board of County Commissioners (R)Billy Shreve, Member,
Board of County Commissioners (R)

“Frederick County could really use a facilities assessment of properties managed by the Board of Education.  We need to know what items have to be addressed from a third-party perspective and what the priorities should be.  BOE also needs a policy in place to fix their properties.

“I would also like to see Frederick County receive the .

“We also need a republican governor of Maryland:  someone who will make a priority of stabilizing the economy and establishing a business-friendly environment.”

Shabri Moore, President, Moore Wealth, Inc.Shabri Moore, President,
Moore Wealth, Inc.

‘Twas two weeks before New Year”s and Rocky did call,

Asking for 2012 wishes from one and all.

No limit he decreed,

No wish too big or too small.

And so I did heed,

Sharing my wishes for Frederick:

Growth, development and cooperation from all.

A tremendous beginning on Carroll Creek!

Complete the plan with a convention center

Condos, ethnic restaurants, and clever boutiques.

A business-friendly county and city is what it’s all about:

Biotech, IT, and supporting industry,

Small business, large business, mom and pop.

Bold audacious wishes for sure,

But what would you expect from a business owner

Whose tag line is “Expect Moore.”

What do you think?

Will we see progress in making some, or all, of these dreams a reality in 2012?

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Rocky Mackintosh, Christmas 2011
The author: Rocky Mackintosh, President, MacRo, Ltd., a Land and Commercial Real Estate firm based in Frederick, Maryland. He also writes for



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