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Setting a Course for this Land and Commercial Real Estate Blog

So we launched this guy last Thursday, and I have run into many folks on the street and via email who like the prospect of what this forum has to offer.

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Several have proffered their real estate expertise to this blog and we’ll be taking them up on the offer … so thank you for the feedback!

With that said, it seems that the original course we mapped for this blog is on target:  Converse on local issues that impact real estate uses and values – what’s the right balance between the individual and government?  And we’ll also cover general topics for those who have an interest in land and commercial real estate — education, trends and opinions.

On the local level, Frederick County has a pretty significant Board of County Commissioner election coming up this fall.  There are a number of policy issues that impact real estate.  The most prominent of late is the new county-wide Comprehensive Plan and Comprehensive Zoning Plan adopted on April 8.  A lot of controversy centered on a number of properties that were down-zoned by the enactment of this plan.  Tighter reins were put on growth areas within the county as well.

Another related question to this is why can’t Frederick County’s municipalities and Frederick County agree on annexation and other growth policies?

… and, please tell me why it always seems to be about Blaine Young?  We hope to get to the bottom of this with a conversation with Blaine and some of his counterparts.

Looking out at topics of general interest, the current economic environment has changed personal strategies on how individuals look at buying and selling real estate.  For instance, what’s the best way to sell a mediocre property today?  We’ll have examples.  How does one add value to land in a sluggish economy?  And are you a tenant with a lease the value of which is now greater than the market rate?  What can you do about that?

We’ll also look at trends and statistics on local and regional land and commercial real estate.  How do our local stats shape up to those of the nation?

So stay tuned for Topic Number One on Thursday.

… and one more thing:  Don’t forget for a limited time we will hold a monthly drawing of our newest he or she will receive a dinner for two on us! If not local, not to worry … we’ll have something for you too!  We’ll be drawing our first monthly winner on Monday, May 2nd!  So sign up today!

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