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Rocky’s COVID-19 Quarantine Reading List

Forget a summer reading list! Since we’ve all been stuck at home for weeks, I suggest you pick up a good book now!

Well, it’s a bit earlier than usual for me to release the list of books I have been reading the last 12 months, but considering that the Coronavirus has “slowed down” or (using a contemporary business term of late) “disrupted” our lives, I suggest you find a good book to read while waiting  for that vaccine that will save us all from doom!

In keeping with the times, maybe it’s time to consider the future of America or the whole world for that matter!  As you can see from the list below, I have spent a lot of time on trying get an idea of what the future holds for the rest of my days here on earth … as well as those for my kids and grandchildren … that is if we all survive the virus!!

If you’re optimistic and interested, then I suggest you focus your reading on Geopolitics!  Two new favorite authors that I stumbled upon in the last few months are George Friedman and Peter Zeihan.  These guys are real … and all the way back even ten years ago, each had already predicted much of what is happening in the US and the world.  The virus? Well, not precisely, but yes, to a serious disruption in our economy and political partisanship, among so much more.  Along with Friedman and Zelhan, Robert Kagan is well worth reading.

If geopolitics don’t float your boat, I’m sure that there are a couple of others that will grab you!

So, here’s my list for this season:

Geopolitics, World Order, and America’s Future

American History

Investigative Journalism

Biography and Memoir

Fiction and Maybe Not?


Conservative Political Thought and Opinion

Readying for a Drive through Wisconsin

Maybe there’s a book or two that may interest you. I have to say; many are ones that friends recommended to me.

Have you read any of these? … Please, share your thoughts!

And what are your reading now? … Recommendations from others are where these came from.  So let me know!

Hang in there and enjoy the shutdown with a good book!!!

Be safe, my friends!

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Rocky Mackintosh, President of MacRo, Ltd., a Land and Commercial Real Estate firm based in Frederick, Maryland, has been an active member of the Frederick community for over four decades. He has served as chairman of the board of Frederick Memorial Hospital and as a member of the Frederick County Charter Board from 2010 to 2012.  He currently serves as chairman of the board of Frederick Mutual Insurance Company. Established in 1843, it is one of the longest enduring businesses in Frederick County.


Rocky’s COVID-19 Quarantine Reading List” Comment

  1. Deane Ferguson Mills

    Hi Rocky, I love your list. It is right up my alley and I’ve read a few of them. The one about Virginia Hall…a Marylander….was wonderful. Another good book about Hall is Wolves At The Door by Judith Pearson.
    I’ve also read the Mark Levin book you list as well as his others.
    The Peter Schweitzer book is in my Kindle but I haven’t gotten to it yet.
    I’ve got about 1100 books in my Kindle so I’m stocked up!

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