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Relationships Matter

People do business with people because they choose to – not because they have to.

In commercial real estate, we spend a lot of time discussing the relationships between tenant/landlord, agent/client, and landlord/listing agent. But there is one significant relationship that often gets lost and yet is as equally important as the others. It is the relationship between the tenant’s agent and the landlord. This relationship has proven to be very important in many of my recent deals. Though the landlord will most likely have representation, as the tenant’s agent, building your own relationship with the landlord can help your client as well.

So, why is it important?

The primary goal of the landlord is to find the perfect tenant. The primary goal of the tenant is to find the perfect space with a great landlord. If only it was as easy as it sounds. There are several steps in between that usually must be addressed, and navigating these steps is easier with the right relationship. While representing a tenant, building a relationship and trust with a landlord will help build trust with your tenant.

For example, I’ve recently had the opportunity to lease just under 40,000 SF of flex/office space, encompassing several deals, with Ruppert Properties. And my first deal with Ruppert Properties was a long process! Through that process, however, I had the opportunity to get to know their team and the care they put into their properties. They are one of the many landlords I’ve had the opportunity to work with that I feel truly cares about making the space the best possible use for the tenant.

Because of this relationship, they are one of the first companies I trust to call, when I have tenants looking for flex space. Not only has this relationship led to a large amount of space being leased at 270 Tech Park, it has also led to 3 of the most recent deals having 10-year lease terms.

As a tenant representative, I want to know that I am putting my clients in a space that fits their requirements as well as with a landlord that I know will keep them happy for the long-term!

“Ashleigh does a fantastic job of thinking outside the box to help her clients and get a deal done. She is able to take even the most complex situations and work tirelessly to find an arrangement that is mutually beneficial for all parties. As a local company that takes pride in our ability to make deals work, we appreciate the success we have had in working with Ashleigh and her clients.”

Brandon Cannon, Senior Associate of Leasing & Acquisitions at Ruppert Properties.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding leasing or its process.

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Ashleigh Kiggans, Vice President, joined the MacRo team in 2015. She plays a key role within the organization, assisting the leadership team across a wide range of initiatives, including market research, data analysis, client communications, and marketing while assisting with the sales and leasing transactional process.


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