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Real Estate eMarketing 101 in 2011

On the hunt for a land and commercial real estate marketing professional.

Real Estate Marketing 101Last week I officially launched a search for a new position within MacRo, Ltd. It’s been about six years since I actually hired a new employee.  Knowing how much the business landscape has changed not only economically, but also communicatively, I thought that I’d put much of our search focus through the web.

The position that we have created is one for an energetic, highly motivated professional to manage and further develop our firm-wide marketing efforts.

It has been just less than a year since we launched our revamped website and blog.  What a terrific journey it has been.  The response has been overwhelming to say the least.  Over this same period of time business has picked up considerably for this local land and commercial real estate broker … and while I can’t say that all this activity is a direct result of our web work, I know that it has had a big impact.

One component of our movement into the world of the new-media, has been the MacRo Report Blog.  The focus of this effort is to seek out and provide our readers with timely information regarding issues and trends that influence the value of land and commercial real estate in the Mid Maryland region.   We have developed a very nice following of subscribers by offering a variety of writers and opinions on a multitude of related topics.  It is great fun!

But the business of blogging takes up a lot of time.  And it is only a fraction of what we hope to develop into a fully integrated inbound and outbound web based marketing program.  As more and more of the population embrace social media and other online networking and entertainment sites, even those big city “sophisticated” commercial real estate brokerage houses will be forced to find their way into this world.

Being the always anxious entrepreneur that I am,  it is clear to me that the “great equalizer” that the web has been called, is where the future is for business growth.  At MacRo, we know we are only scratching the surface, and see now as the time to broaden our horizons in selling our services and promoting our services through such avenues as direct messaging, audio, video, live streaming and online interaction.  The web abounds with pertinent real estate information, but pulling it all together for use by our readers is a task.

Marketing 101 teaches that the key to a successful program is to take a multi-media approach to sending a consistent recognizable message to a target audience.  So the hope is also to use our web efforts to strengthen the tried and true traditional methods of marketing:  face to face networking, hard copy advertising, brochures, newsletters, signage and other media.

While the current economic climate have created serious difficulties for many, the successful business people among us learn to adapt to the changing winds in the market place, and dive in with vigor!

These are very exciting times we live in, and we’re hoping that we can find that one right person to assist MacRo, Ltd. in taking us to the next level.

If you happen to know someone who you think would be interested in the position, please ask him or her to contact me at


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The author: Rocky Mackintosh, President, MacRo, Ltd., a Land and Commercial Real Estate firm based in Frederick, Maryland.

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