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MacRo Sells 4 Custom Home Lots in Woodsboro Maryland

MacRo, Ltd. is pleased to announce the sale of a package of four lots on Coppermine Road, Woodsboro, Maryland.

Located inMacRo Sells 4 Custom Home Lots in Woodsboro Maryland the Dogwood Estates Subdivision, these four residential lots are all wooded, have gentle slopes, and are “building permit ready.” The buyer, a local home builder, contracted to purchase all four lots in a “bulk sale” for $380,000. The Seller allowed individual families to take ownership of the lots via contract assignments at $95,000 per lot.

Dave Wilkinson, Vice President of MacRo, Ltd., coordinated this transaction between the buyer and seller.

For more information on how MacRo, Ltd. Real Estate Brokerage Services may be able to assist you in the sale of your building lot, raw land or farm, contact Dave Wilkinson at 301-748-5670 or