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MacRo Report Spring 2012

This current issue of the MacRo Report is being distributed to more than 15,000 residents and others who are interested in Frederick County, Maryland land and commercial real estate news and information.

Frederick Commercial Real EstateReason for Optimism

The following MacRo Report entry is written by Rocky Mackintosh, President of MacRo, Ltd. regarding our current local real estate market

With this year’s early spring sunshine, the climate of the land and commercial real estate market in Frederick County, Maryland is also looking brighter.

As stated in our previous MacRo Report, it is the collective decision making of real estate buyers and sellers that ultimately creates economic swings. Part of the recovery process is a growing level of confidence by these participants that ignites a positive shift in the market.

After nearly 5 years of retooling, business and development interests are seeing growth opportunities. With the support of our local governments, many obsolete regulatory hurdles are being removed as well.

As in past recoveries, industry leaders are cautiously coming out of the shade with a willingness to take risks that just one year ago would have been judged as crazy. It then becomes a case of “follow the leader” as others hear that the weather is fine.

Sometimes the economic comeback is equivalent to an avalanche, but that is unlikely this time. Big lessons were learned by some of the best in their fields this last downturn; so the cautiousness found in the market is healthy and should clear a steady and sustainable path for growth.

Part of the process involves real estate owners continuing to review their inventory, as many are still undertaking the often painful process of “deleveraging.” Optimistic investors and buyers are finding some incredible opportunities. From this alone, the recent transaction activity in our market has increased significantly.

As a buyer or seller, if you have been in the shade for a while, we invite you to step into the sun light.

Let us know how the MacRo, Ltd. team can be of assistance.

Frederick Properties Are Moving!

Frederick County saw steady improvements in sales volume and prices throughout all sectors of the commercial real estate market during 2011. Washington, D.C. is thankfully one of the strongest markets for jobs and for commercial real estate, and no doubt Frederick County will continue to see a trickle effect from that. As we head into spring, MacRo is definitely seeing a trend of increased interest from both buyers and sellers looking to get into the market, although financing is still the primary obstacle for many looking to buy.

Whether you are looking for retail, office or general commercial space, check out some of our new or current listings or give us a call at 301-698-9696.

MacRo Properties in and near Frederick, Maryland Sold and Leased

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