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MacRo Report – Kicking Up Some Dirt

The following MacRo Report entry is written by Rocky Mackintosh, President of MacRo, Ltd. regarding the recent uptick in the real estate market.

MacRo_Filler-1Being a land broker, I thought this would be an appropriate opener for our Spring ’11 edition of the MacRo Report!

While we are often known for expressing our opinions and perspectives on local and community issues, the kicked up dirt I’m talking about is what happens in the real estate business when activity is brisk… especially after a dry spell.

The land and commercial real estate market has experienced some slow times over the last three years, but now the buyers are back—and the sellers are listening.The leasing markets are seeing more prospects out looking as well.

Properties are changing hands again and we are happy to be in the mix!

If I were still the naïve young real estate agent I was back in the early 1970s, I’d tell you that it was all about the incredible integrated web-based marketing program we initiated last year, but I will give the slight uptick in the local economy “some” of the credit!

With that said, however,MacRo has been converting listings into sales at seriously increased levels! And more property owners are seeking our services as they join our growing list of email subscribers.

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