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MacRo Report Fall 2012

This current issue of the MacRo Report is being distributed to more than 15,000 residents and others who are interested in Frederick County, Maryland land and commercial real estate news and information.

Two Critical Election Issues:

The following MacRo Report entry is written by Rocky Mackintosh, President of MacRo, Ltd. regarding our current local political market.

In the midst of a very contentious Presidential campaign, some Frederick County, Maryland voters may be overlooking two significant subjects on the November 6th ballot.


This is an important taxpayer issue since nearly 60% of property tax revenue is being entrusted to Frederick County Public Schools each year. Five candidates are seeking three openings on the seven member board. While voters are asked to cast a ballot for three of the five, I can only endorse Colleen Cusimano and Anthony Chmelik. Both of these candidates will bring strong fiscal experience and fresh perspective to improving education for all our students. The other candidates are more representative of the current status quo majority. I feel so strongly that I recommend supporters ONLY VOTE for CUSIMANO and CHMELIK, and leave the third choice blank.


Question A on the ballot will ask voters this simple question: “Do you approve of the adoption of the Charter for Frederick County proposed by the Frederick County Charter Board?” As one who served as a member of the Charter Board, our county has grown and matured to the point that the concept of a five o fficial committee running the government is no longer functional. The adoption of Charter Home Rule will implement an executive form of government and bring much
needed accountability, transparency, stability and e fficiency to Frederick County Government. 

The Pressure of Pent Up Demand

There is one question that I am constantly asked: “How is the real estate market?” Whether they are actively engaged in real estate ownership or not, everyone wants to know. A healthy real estate market plays a significant role on the strength of our economy and provides revenue for government funding. Over the last five years of difficult economic adjustment, the real estate market has endured, but property has continued to change hands. While economic skepticism looms over the job market, tax policies and national debt, Frederick County has found enough stability to renew optimism in real estate investment.

Consider the excitement around the idea of a downtown hotel and conference center, as well as the growth of Frederick’s residential rental market and medical community … not to mention vacant store-front along Market Street is non-existent.

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