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Highlights of Boards of County Commissioner and Education Swearing In Ceremonies

From a photoshopped image of a Welcome Banner over the door at Winchester Hall posted on the MacRo Report Real Estate Blog on November 15, 2010 to the Real Thing on December 1, 2010

Frederick County Government Welcomes BusinessWell, the dust has settled and both new Frederick County Boards of County Commissioners and Education have taken their oaths of office.  It should prove to a be a most interesting time with radio personality and taxi cab magnate Blaine Young assuming the BOCC presidential position on December 1st, and his brother Brad Young, certified financial planner and a certified trust adviser, being voted into the same position yesterday at the BOE.

A lot has been written in this blog, as well as in the print media (Frederick News Post and the Gazette) about the sweeping changes that the Young brothers intend to bring to their respective boards; so I will not dwell any further on their plans, other than to offer you a few clips and links noted below.

However, I will take this opportunity to briefly explain why this blog does devote the amount of space it does to local government and political  happenings.

As many in the land and commercial real estate business know, when one steps outside of the residential resale housing arena, land use and zoning regulations, plans and policies have a tremendous impact the  development potential of real estate in any jurisdiction.  And I’m sure that all would agree that proper planning for land use is essential to maintaining a high standard of quality of life in any community.

In Frederick County, Maryland, many of us feel very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of this country  with such diverse landscapes and vibrant cities and towns.  But sometimes local government can get too carried away in desire to hold on to what we have … to the point that the livelihoods of those who live here can be negatively impacted.  In that same vein, when the Frederick County Public School system consumes nearly 60% of county taxes, the citizens have a right to call for accountability.

In the 37 years that I have lived here providing real estate services to Frederick and its surrounding counties, I have witnessed the regulation pendulum swing to and fro, but over the course of the last twelve years, the trend has gone so far to the point that a rift in the trust between county government (including the public school system) and the private sector reached a need for change.  We wish both new boards the very best of luck as they proceed forward into some very challenging times.

So, as controversial as it may be for a real estate consultant to opine on these matters, we feel it is important to draw the links between all the issues that impact the values and use of real estate.

OK, so enough of all that … here are those links as promised:

  1. Blaine Young’s BOCC Inaugural Speech – December 1, 2010 (Video 3:38)
  2. Part 1 BOCC Gardner Parting Humorous Gifts 12-1-10 (Audio 5:12)
  3. Part 2 BOCC Thompson – Young Parting Humorous Gifts 12-1-10 (Audio 4:17)
  4. Frederick County Government: Complete County Commissioner Swearing In Ceremony – December 1, 2010 (Video 1:28:17)
  5. Op-ed by Steve Berryman Accountable Slate” Frederick News Post – December 3, 2010
  6. Brad Young’s BOE Inaugural Speech – December 8, 2010 (Video 3:14)

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