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Frederick County Considering TDR Program

A Transferable Development Right (“TDR”) program is once again being considered by Frederick County.

Frederick County Considering TDR ProgramEarlier this year, the Frederick County Farm Bureau submitted a proposed zoning text amendment to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). In response, the BOCC established a work group to evaluate the opportunity for a TDR program in Frederick County. I have the honor of having been appointed as a member of this work group.

Rocky and I have been involved in land preservation efforts, including TDR programs, for over twenty years each.  Our clients include buyers and sellers of TDR’s, as well as owners and purchasers of land in Montgomery and Howard Counties affected by TDR programs.  What we have learned through our experience is that TDR programs can be very effective in preserving land, but the programs are complex and controversial.

If the county commissioners decide to move forward with a TDR program, we hope the citizens of Frederick County take an active role.  MacRo will keep a close watch on this issue.  Feel free to contact Rocky or me if you have any questions.

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