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Frederick County Commissioners Select Charter Board

It was a long day for Commissioner President Blaine Young and the other four Frederick County Commissioners yesterday.


After an administrative business session in the morning that lasted nearly 2 hours, they met in the late afternoon with municipal leaders to cover such topics as the annexation process review, receive a report from the tax offset committee and get an update from Commissioner Paul Smith on the Synergies Committee.

Then they dove into the real meaty topic of repealing the school testing portion of the County”s Adequate Public Facilities ordinance and replacing it with a Pay-Go concept which would require a program where real estate and land developers pay a school mitigation fee of 115% of the student impact on school construction .

When that meeting broke up they took a 10 minute break and dove into a 4 hour process of for the 12 slots on the board that they have established to write a proposed charter to move the county government from the current county commissioner structure to one of charter home rule.

Each candidate sat through a 15 minute series of questions that were given to them in advance.  First up at 6:45 PM was Rocky Mackintosh, who submitted his responses to the board.  Next up was Bob Kresslein … and so on.

In the end the following 9 candidates were selected to serve on the board:  Fred Anderson, Joan Aquilino, Debra Borden, Tom Browning, Ken Coffey, Jeff Holtzinger, James Hoover, Bob Kresslein and Rocky Mackintosh; and three nonvoting alternates, Doug Browning, Dana French and Earl Robbins.

This afternoon Rocky Mackintosh will be a guest of Adam Avery on WFMD radio at 3:15 PM to discuss the process.

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