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Your MacRo Newsletter Report Download Has Arrived!

The Fall/Winter MacRo Newsletter Download is Here…

The 23rd annual MacRo Newsletter hard copies hit area mailboxes last week, and now we’ve made our exclusive Frederick commercial real estate and Mid-Maryland market insights available as a free download.

With a readership exceeding 20,000 strong, and a long history of providing actionable commercial real estate data and analysis since 1993, the MacRo Newsletter continues to be one of the most respected and valued resources for property owners, investors, residents, businesses, qualified buyers and tenants.

Our free Newsletter download provides MacRo’s property listings for those of you searching for your next investment opportunity. In Volume XXII, we explore:

  • Frederick commercial real estate market updates and trends
  • MacRo sales and closing data, first half of 2016
  • Land market insights

What’s more, you’ll learn about two new businesses soon to open in Frederick, one of which will be the first of its kind in Frederick County…it will be historic, but likely not in the way that you might think…

Download your free MacRo Newsletter today- Click here.

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