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Frederick Commercial Real Estate Insights Are On the Way!

The Annual MacRo Newsletter is on its way to your mailbox.

This year marks the 23rd anniversary of our newsletter documenting Frederick and Mid-Maryland’s commercial real estate activity. For more than two decades, the MacRo Report Newsletter has delivered analysis, insights and valuable forecasting to thousands of property owners, investors, residents, and businesses, not to mention qualified buyers and tenants.

The MacRo Report Newsletter is widely regarded as one of the region’s leading resources for the latest in land and commercial real estate, including an exclusive listing of land and commercial real estate being marketed by the MacRo team.

Newsletter readership has grown exponentially over the years to more than 20,000, with a reported shelf life of between two to five years.

The MacRo Report Newsletter is just one way we keep the MacRo Insider community “in-the-know”. The Newsletter is also a key component of the integrated, innovative and value-added marketing approach we provide to our clients.

If you are contemplating selling or leasing land or commercial real estate you own, contact MacRo, Ltd. today! Or, if you want to get your finger on the pulse of Mid-Maryland’s commercial real estate market, sign-up to become a MacRo Insider by clicking the button below.

Stay tuned because, if you’re currently on our contact list, the latest edition of the MacRo Report Newsletter will be arriving very soon!

If you don’t get your copy, please contact us to update your mailing and contact information.

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