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Fall 2010 Issue of MacRo Report Released

The current issue of the MacRo Report was released this week to over 20,000 residents and others who are interested in Frederick County, Maryland land and commercial real estate news and information.


This issue’s distribution includes over 3,000 email subscribers to the MacRo Report Blog’s weekly posts.  The other 17,000 copies were sent via “snail mail” to local residents and businesses in our community.

While the current economic situation hasn’t make life that easy for some, we are finding that the real estate market is active for many reasons.

Decisions to buy, sell or lease land and commercial real estate are either based on personal or business needs.  Whatever the reason each time a transaction occurs, or does not happen, the real estate market is impacted one way or another.  We try to stay on top of what this means for our readers.

So, we invite you to join our growing list of subscribers and SIGN UP today to receive the next blog update and future newsletters.

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You are welcome to download a PDF version of the MacRo Report Fall 2010 Edition.


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