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Drone flyovers. CRE Disruption. Big Data. Who Cares?

Five Apps to Help the Local Commercial Real Estate Broker’s Ground Game.

If you’re like us, you keep up with the latest and greatest trends in commercial real estate. And boy oh boy, things are evolving at the speed of light.

From drones armed with Go-Pro cameras flying through warehouse space to start-up tech companies looking to blow up the traditional commercial real estate model, our industry is on the precipice of a paradigm shift.

We know the industry will evolve, and that it’s vital to stay in the know about the big picture.

But we’re willing to bet you are not actively allocating budget dollars to build a fleet of camera-toting drones. And you’re probably not plotting to turn the commercial real estate industry on its head.

As a successful broker operating in Frederick County or City (or any small to mid-size local or regional CRE market), you’re focused on making deals and doing so in the most efficient manner possible to maximize value. Closing deals quickly and skillfully helps you and your clients.

So, forget the revolution for now.

You want to know about the tech that can help improve your ground game today and at a reasonable cost. Well, MacRo’s here to help. Here are our top six apps that can help you optimize your ability to make deals efficiently.

1.  Evernote

Have a flash of an insight that you want to capture and share with your fellow brokers? Evernote can help you capture and share ideas instantly. Evernote is a scalable app that commercial brokers can use to streamline the deal process and collaborate seamlessly with clients and colleagues. The app empowers you to track all client interactions, catalogue documents, file photos and even develop property virtual tours. All access. All the time. From anywhere. You can read an interesting Q & A with a commercial real estate Evernote user here.

2.  DocuSign

Papers still flying around your desk? Did you have to leave the negotiating table to rush back to the office to grab an important document? If so, DocuSign can help you improve your efficiency by providing you with a single, cloud-based source for all of your transactional needs. Access important documents from the cloud on the run, track transaction activity, obtain e-signatures and more. And yes, all data stored by DocuSign is encrypted and secure

3.  ReaLync

Facilitating onsite property tours can be exhausting for brokers. It can be a drain on clients as well. Coordinating schedules can be a nightmare and deals can get lost. Enter ReaLync, one of the first real-time virtual tour apps to hit the market. Now you can be onsite to stream a live virtual tour to your client’s decision making team back in their conference room. This could be a great screening device, allowing you to quickly eliminate options and narrow down the chosen few commercial properties that your client visits in person. Or, perhaps you can record virtual tours and house them on your website to replace or augment your online property listings. Very cool. Extremely efficient. And useful.

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