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Commercial Real Estate Tech Companies to Watch in 2016

Another year, another batch of commercial real estate companies offering disruptive and innovative technology products

It’s clear that an industry once behind the tech wave is rapidly ascending to its crest. With a bevy of upstart and well-established companies looking to revolutionize the way commercial real estate business is done, 2016 is shaping up to be an intriguing year in the CRE technology space.

CRE//Tech’s 2015, year-end report offered an interesting glimpse into the evolving world of commercial real estate technology. Here are four companies to watch from the CRE//Tech 2015 report.

Actiovia (

Data aggregation and analysis is critical to your business, whether your operate in a major city or a smaller, more localized market. Actovia lets commercial mortgage lenders and brokers bring in more deals with an easy-to-use search engine that identifies relevant properties and brings together the most up-to-date owner contact and building details as well as comprehensive financial information for each property.


We’ve written previously in the MacRo Report blog about due diligence being critical to successful commercial real estate transactions. Well, here comes EDR to the rescue. EDR provides data and workflow tools to help their clients manage all aspects of property due diligence. EDR’s data and software has enabled $1 trillion in transactions per year and includes all stakeholders in property due diligence: environmental professionals, lenders, appraisers, corporations, law firms, insurance companies, government agencies and real estate professionals. EDR’s mission is to continuously improve the ways in which property stakeholders assess, transact, and manage their real estate assets: Smart Data. Smarter Workflow.

Loop & Tie (

Don’t have time to send out personalized thank you notes and gifts to your top current and past clients. Let Loop & Tie do the work for you. Loop & Tie provides a seamless client gift exchange that saves time, integrates with existing workflows and puts an end to the outdated gift basket. The company’s interactive gift experience places the real estate professional’s brand front and center, allows clients to choose a gift they want and facilitates continued conversation. Loop & Tie client gifting shifts from being a time-consuming formality into an efficient tool that supports strong client relationships.

The NewsFunnel (

The NewsFunnel allows CRE professionals to create free, personalized news feeds containing stories from 3,000+ media sources and original content from several thousand companies. Think of this like The Week for commercial real estate pros that are always looking for new information.

This is just a taste of some of the tools out there for you to evaluate. Some might not be a good fit for you or your brokerage, others just might fall in your sweet spot. One thing is clear, however: CRE ‘s tech savvy is on the rise.

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