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Chesapeake Bay Foundation Applauds Governor’s Announcement on Septics

Here is a reprint of a post on the .  As we warned back in October 2010, it appears that  Mr. O’Malley does have a Septic Problem


In O’Malley’s speech last Thursday, he stated ”You and I can turn around this damaging trend by banning the further installation of septic systems in major new Maryland housing developments. This is common sense. This is urgently needed.”   …  So what’s next Governor?! More than anything this could have deep ramifications on the rural and agricultural communities across the state of Maryland.

The Baltimore Sun posted an article Thursday: “Developers distressed over bid to curb septic systems

(ANNAPOLIS, MD)—Kim Coble, Maryland Executive Director of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, issued the following statement following Governor O”Malley”s announcement of support today for limiting development on septic systems in Maryland:

“This is a bold step. We are pleased Governor O”Malley recognizes the potential benefits of limiting major development projects that use septic systems, an old technology. We applaud him for this major commitment towards restoring the Bay and for his continued environmental leadership.

“Maryland, through its Watershed Implementation Plan, has agreed to take steps to reduce nutrient pollution. Using septic systems on major subdivisions runs counter to the state”s commitment.

“All the progress we hope to make in reducing pollution from other sources—wastewater treatment plants, urban and suburban streets, coal plants, cars, farms—all could be undone if we continue to allow sprawl growth using septic systems in our rural areas. It will be one step forward and two steps backward.”

“The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) called for similar action in our formal comments submitted for the Maryland Watershed Implementation Plan. We feel this is a top priority for meeting the state”s pollution diet, and for restoring a biological system that is still dangerously out of balance.”

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