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Candidate Forums for the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners

Last night the democratic candidates for the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners gathered at the Jack Kussmaul Theater at Frederick Community College.00000000000

They discussed and debated the issues that are front and center in their minds as they approach the September 14th primary.

All seven of the candidates attended the event sponsored by the League of Women Voters.  Many topics were covered from the recent City of Frederick annexations, traffic congestion, jobs and the County”s comprehensive plan.  Meg Tully of the covered the story and gives a good summary of the gathering.  The primary contest will whittle the field down to 5 democratic candidates.

On the republican side there are 12 candidates, who will gather for their forum at the Jack Kussmaul Theater on September 1st at 6:30 PM.  With this race being a wider field; stakes are very high for this group as it will drop 7also rans after the primary.  This will be a worthwhile event to attend.

The MacRo Report Blog sent out two challenging questions yesterday to all 19 candidates and gave them a deadline to respond by Sunday, September 5th to respond.

Stay tuned!!!

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