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Award at FMH named in honor of Mackintosh

For the second year Frederick Memorial Healthcare System presented the Rocky Mackintosh Award for Operational Excellence to members of the organization’s Leadership Development Institute. 

FMH Rocky Mackintosh Award for Operational Excellence 11-2010

The award and several honorable mentions are given out to “leaders who have dedicated themselves, the services they manage and the employees they supervise to the cause of providing outstanding patient care and customer service…”

The event this year was held on Thursday, November 18, at the Elks Lodge in Frederick.  In attendance were most Frederick Memorial’s management team which includes doctors, nurses, department directors and supervisors to name a few.

After completing my 8 years of serving on the FMH Board of Directors, it is humbling to have such an important award given out with my name on it … and I’m not even dead yet!

In all seriousness, I’m happy to know that I may have made some difference during my tenure, and without question I will always consider the experience to be one of the most rewarding of my life.  Starting with President Tom Klienhanzl, I am proud of the commitment that all of the leadership of FMH has made to make our community hospital to become one of the very best in the nation!  And that’s not a far fetched statement … this is an amazing team of people are already getting national recognition at many levels.

This year’s award winners were Andrea Watson (pictured left), the Practice Administrator of Parkview Medical Group and Carol Mastalerz (pictured right), the Director of FMH Oncology Services.  They will share top honors for the consistency of excellence they have each demonstrated for the last 6 years on the Employee Engagement Survey, especially with respect to the Management Scores while also meeting – and at times exceeding – their goals for Service, Quality, Finance and Growth.

There were about 14 others members of the organization who received honorable mention.

Congratulations to all!

I’d like to thank all of them for their commitment to our community and to making Frederick Memorial a great experience all those who enter its doors.

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