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2013 Mayoral Candidate Profiles — Now Available in PDF

Download this must read for all city voters … before the September 10th Primary! 

2013-Candidate-Profiles-for-Mayor-City-of-Frederick-MacRo-Report-Blog-0828131With all posts now complete, MacRo, Ltd. has assembled a complete package of profiles of the candidates running for Mayor of the City of Frederick, Maryland.  Written by Rocky Mackintosh, this series offers his unbiased perspectives on each of the seven hopefuls:

The Democrats:

Galen Clagett — Maryland House of Delegates, District 3A currently representing most residents in the City of Frederick in Annapolis

Karen Young — Current member of the Board of Aldermen and wife of former Mayor Ronald Young (1973-1989) of the City of Frederick

Carol Hirsch — Wal-Mart cashier and member of the deaf community in Frederick County

The Republicans:

Randy McClement — Incumbent Mayor of the City of Frederick and former bagel shop owner

Jeff Holtzinger — Former Mayor of the City of Frederick (2005-2009) and practicing lawyer and civil engineer

Shelley Aloi – Current member of the Board of Aldermen and bank analyst

The Independent:

Jennifer Doughtery – Former Mayor of the City of Frederick (2002-2006), Realtor and Irish Pub owner

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