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19 Candidates in the for 2010 Frederick County Commissioner Race

Well, the July deadline for candidate filing has passed and 19 hardy “soles” will now test the durability of their footwear over the next few months.

A friend sent me this bracket idea, so I thought it’d be a good idea if the MacRo Report Blog had its own version.

There are few familiar faces.  Only two previously elected incumbents threw their hats in for another go round:  David Gray and Kai Hagan.  For many there was a big question whether Lennie Thompson would change his mind and make a run for another term, but he instead chose to jump into a very competitive republican primary race for House of Delegates District 4A — that will be an interesting one to watch!

After a lot of speculation, BOCC president Jan Gardner decided not to run for anything.  There is a lot of buzz about where she might end up … and what role she will have in behind the scenes in this race … to keep her legacy alive!?   Stay tuned for that one.

As expected recently appointed commissioner Blaine Young did file for what he states is one full elected term, and then he’s out.

So, who are all these other people?  The Democratic side has eight who will be whittled down to five after the primary on September 14th, and the GOP will have to drop seven to get down to their final five.  Then it will be a heated race to the November 2nd general election.

Editor’s note: When this was orgionally posted at 9:30 this morning candidates Adam Avery (republican) and Caroline Eader (democrat) were counted in the bracket.  However “after further review” the office of the Frederick County Board of Elections chose to disqualify both candidates over issues having to do with residency and/or voter registration requirements.  Both names have been removed from the BOCC ballot.

And what issues are the core concerns of the voters?  Are they really any different than those that will drive people to the polls for our congressional and gubernatorial races?

The primary focus of this blog is to write about trends, issues and policies that influence land and commercial real estate in the Frederick and its surrounding counties in Maryland; and to that end, over the next few months we’ll spend some time trying to learn more about each of these candidates in order to educate the voters in is without a doubt a very critical election at all levels of government.

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