Stunning Mixed-Use Property for Sale in Downtown Smithsburg

SOLD:  This beautifully restored 2,300 SF mixed-use property is the former Smithsburg Bank Building, Circa 1904.  The building includes retail/office space on the first floor and a residential apartment on the second floor.  Perfect for an owner/user who wants to work on the first floor and live on the second floor.

Property Details
• Fresh paint and new or refinished floors throughout
• Replacement windows
• New boiler installed in 2011
• Mini-split units installed in 2015 for CAC and auxiliary heat
• Electricity metered separately
• Apartment offers 1 or 2 bedrooms, gorgeous wood floors, new kitchen, new bathroom, and more

Land Details


  • 4 West Water Street, Smithsburg, Maryland


  • Tax Map 0402, Parcel 1556


  • Town of Smithsburg Zoning - Town Center (TC)


  • 0.0377 acres

Building Details

Building Size

  • 2,300 SF


  • Street parking


  • Public Water & Sewer
  • Central A/C
  • Oil Heating
  • Electric Hot Water


  • Single-family detached dwellings, including prefabricated, modular, panelized or sectional dwellings.
  • Two-family duplex dwellings, as defined in Article II.
  • Two-family semidetached dwelling.
  • Single-family attached townhouse dwellings, as defined in Article II.
  • Cluster residential development, subject to the provisions of § 405-29.
  • Multifamily apartment dwellings, as defined in Article II.
  • Multifamily condominium dwelling units, as defined in Article II.
  • Dwelling unit in conjunction with a principal nonresidential use.
  • Conversion of a single-family dwelling or other building into not more than 2 dwelling units subject to the provisions of the Table of Dimensional Requirements for Principal Uses. No expansion of the building area shall be made except as necessary for safety.
  • Conversion of a dwelling or other building into multifamily apartments containing more than 2 dwelling units.
  • Conversion of a dwelling or other building into multifamily condominiums containing more than 2 dwelling units.
  • Bed-and-breakfast, rooming houses, or temporary boardinghouses, as defined in Article II.
  • Home occupations, as defined in Article II.
  • Home professional office, as defined in Article II.
  • In-home service as a family day-care provider, as defined in Article II.
  • Noncommercial parking garage or parking area intended to fulfill off-street parking requirements.
  • Parks designed or intended for passive recreation or open space.
  • Swimming pool (or beach) conducted as a principal use.
  • Private or membership clubs or lodges not operated commercially, nor conducted primarily as a business enterprise.
  • Transient or temporary recreational activity, such as a carnival, circus, fair or the like, provided each such activity does not exceed 14 days in a single year.
  • Churches and other places of worship.
  • Meeting or assembly halls for philanthropic, religious, fraternal, civic or other nonprofit organizations/corporations; see setback requirements in § 405-27. S
  • Child-care centers, licensed, or drop-in centers as defined in Article II.
  • Business, service.
  • Professional offices.
  • Medical and dental offices or clinics for outpatient treatment, including accessory laboratory facilities.
  • Printing, photographic processing, blueprinting, photocopying and similar reproduction services, and facsimile transmission, except publishing.
  • Parking lot or garage as a commercial or public enterprise, provided that such parking lot shall be screened by a solid wall, screen or fence at least 3 feet high or by dense evergreen plantings of equal height. All screening shall be continuously maintained.
  • Business, personal service.
  • Restaurants and the like, except drive-in and drive-through restaurants as defined in Article II.
  • Business, neighborhood retail.
  • Business, general retail.
  • Signs. See the provisions of Article VII, including: Temporary signs. See §§ 405-45D and 405-46D. Civic billboards.
  • Taverns.
  • Essential utility equipment as defined in Article II.
  • Utility equipment – other. Prior to the construction of any overhead electrical power line of 69 kilovolts or greater capacity, of any cross-country telephone trunk line, including microwave facilities, or of any underground pipeline for transmission of natural gas or petroleum products, location and right-of-way plans of said lines and accessory facilities shall be submitted for the information and review of the Planning Commission.
  • And more...

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