Mixed-Use Industrial Space for Sale

SOLD:  This 8,620 SF mixed-use condominium, consisting of two contiguous units, are fully sprinklered and feature a combination of nicely finished office space and warehouse space with two rear loading docks, a kitchenette, multiple restrooms throughout (including one full restroom with a shower), and more.

Perfect for an investor or a variety of business uses including, but not limited to, contractors, manufacturing, processing, and more.

Located near I-70 off Reichs Ford Road in a central office/warehouse corridor and in close proximity to the MACR Commuter Station.

** Showings require 48-hours advanced notice


Land Details


  • 1539 Tilco Drive, Units 122 & 123, Frederick, MD 21704


  • Tax Map 0424, Parcel 2141


  • Frederick City Zoning - Light Industrial District (M1)
  • Condominium association covenants and by-laws applicable.

Building Details

Unit Sizes

  • Unit 122—4,346 SF
  • Unit 123—4,274 SF


  • Ample parking in front of the building

Condo Dues

  • $760.49/month


  • Public water and sewer
  • Unit utilities are metered separately


  • Accessory Apartments
  • Hotel, Motel, and Tourist Court
  • Animal Care Services (including Grooming and Boarding)
  • Automobile Filling Station
  • Automobile Sales and Service Center (Dealership)
  • Automobile Sales Lot (New or Used)
  • Boats & Marine Supplies
  • Broadcasting, Recording Studio
  • Building Supplies, Lumber
  • Appliance Repair
  • Carpenter, Cabinetmaker
  • Electrician
  • General Building Contractor (with or without Outdoor Storage Areas)
  • Heating, Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration
  • Locksmith
  • Plumber
  • Pipe Fitter, Construction Equipment Fabricator
  • Roofer
  • Sheet Metal Shop
  • Sign Contractor
  • Utility Contractor
  • Window, Glass, Mirror
  • Building Tradesmen not Otherwise Listed
  • Business Machines / Business Service Centers
  • Car Wash
  • Commercial Use in Historic Structures
  • Construction Equipment Sales, Service and Rental
  • Electrical Systems Service
  • Farm Machinery Rental, Sales & Service
  • Farm Supplies & Hardware (including Landscape and Garden Supply Sales)
  • Farmers Markets
  • Financial Services (Bank, Savings and Loan, Credit Union Office)
  • Garden Center (including Sales of Trees, Shrubs, Garden Supplies)
  • Industrial Equipment, Plumbing Supplies and Other Heavy Consumer Goods not Listed, Sales & Service, with Outdoor Storage
  • Mobil Homes, Trailers, Recreational Vehicles
  • Motorcycles, ATV’s, Sales and Repair
  • Offices, Business & Professional
  • Offices, Regional (Bank, Savings and Loan, Credit Union, Insurance)
  • Restaurant, General and/or Fast Food
  • Stone Monuments (with or without Engraving)
  • Taxidermy
  • Tires, Batteries, Mufflers
  • Truck Sales & Rental (over 1 Ton)
  • Truck Wash
  • Upholstery, Curtain, Drapery Service
  • Used Merchandise Auction
  • Vehicle Services, Auto Repair Shop
  • Vehicle Services, Truck (over 1 Ton) Service and Repair Shop
  • Veterinary Clinic/Hospital without Boarding
  • Veterinary Clinic with Boarding
  • Aircraft, Industrial Assembly Production
  • Appliances, Assembly Production
  • Automobile, Assembly Production
  • Brick, Tile, Clay Products Manufacture
  • Chemicals & Plastics Manufacturing and Processing
  • Clothing, Cloth Goods Manufacturing and Processing
  • Distilled Products, Manufacturing and Processing
  • Electronic Components, Manufacturing and Processing
  • Electronic Equipment, Assembly Production
  • Fabricated Metal Products, Manufacturing and Processing
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing
  • Glass, Ceramic Products, Manufacturing and Processing
  • Infectious Waste Disposal Service
  • Janitorial Services
  • Medical Laboratory
  • Newspaper Printing
  • Laboratories & Testing Offices in Conjunction with Scientific or Industrial Research & Development
  • Laboratories, Testing, Manufacturing & Processing in Conjunction with Scientific or Industrial Research & Development
  • Paint, Allied Product, Manufacturing and Processing
  • Paper Product, Manufacturing and Processing
  • Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Manufacturing and Processing
  • Primary Metals, Foundries, Manufacturing and Processing
  • Printing, Bulk Photo Processing, Blueprinting Services
  • Solar Energy Products Manufacturing
  • Textiles, Synthetic Fabrics
  • Tools, Industrial Machinery, Mechanical Equipment
  • Trucks, Trailers, and Other Vehicles, Industrial Assembly Production
  • Vehicle Storage Yards (RVs, etc.)
  • Wood Products
  • Distribution Center, Freight Terminal
  • Moving and Storage Facility
  • Outdoor Storage of Construction Equipment, Generally
  • Self Storage
  • Storage Warehouse
  • Storage Yards
  • Trucking Offices and Storage, Repair Shop
  • Adult Bookstore and/or Adult Entertainment Centers
  • Conference Center
  • Fairgrounds/Agricultural and Special Event Center
  • Golf Course, Club & Driving Range
  • Health Club or Spa
  • Indoor Sports Complex
  • Park
  • Reception Facility
  • Public Safety (Police, Fire, Ambulance)
  • Public Storage Yards, Shops, Maintenance Areas
  • Sheltered Workshop
  • Vo-Tech, Trade Schools & Training Centers
  • Bus Depot
  • Heliport / Helistop
  • Parking Lot, Parking Garage, Public/Private
  • Truck Stop
  • Communication Antenna on Existing City-Owned Water Towers, High Voltage Electric Transmission Towers and Existing Athletic Lighting Structures, over 60 FT in
  • Height, on Public Land
  • Communication Towers and Antennas
  • Telecommunication Antennas Enclosed within an Existing Structure or Building Subject to Section 27-779
  • Agricultural Production
  • Agricultural Production & Support Functions, not Otherwise Mentioned
  • Canning
  • Commercial Kennel
  • Dairy, Bottling
  • Feed, Grain Mill
  • Feed, Grain & Seed Sales
  • Fertilizer Sales
  • Greenhouse, Commercial
  • Meat, Poultry Packing or Processing
  • And More…

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