Fantastic Hunting Lot For Sale in Rohrersville Maryland

Fantastic Hunting Lot For Sale in Rohrersville Maryland

21.11 acres of land zoned preservation in Rohrersville, Maryland for sale.

Land Details


  • Kaetzel Road, Rohrersville Maryland


  • Tax Map 0084, Parcel 0255


  • Washington County Zoning - Preservation (P)


  • 21.11 acres

Building Details


  • Landscape Contractor
  • Forests and Wildlife preserves, fish hatcheries and similar conservation areas
  • Forestation
  • Agricultural uses, as defined in Article 28A, including animal husbandry facilities as defined in Article 28A which shall be subject to the requirements set forth in Article 22 Division IX
  • Circus, carnival, dog and horse shows or similar transient enterprise; provided, that such use shall not exceed ten (10) days at any one time, and which does not include any permanent structure
  • Riding academies, livery stables, subject to the distance requirements specified in Section 4.9
  • Taxidermy service
  • Surface grading, removal of top soil, shale or similar material in preparing the property for development; but not including open pit quarrying or mineral processing on site; subject to the performance standards in Section 4.12. A grading plan containing the information required in Section 15.3 showing the existing and proposed surface contours and providing for the re-vegetation of the property shall be submitted to the Planning Commission for approval
  • Schools – public or private – elementary through high
  • Day-care, In home Family/Child Care Facilities
  • Dwellings, single family
  • Dwellings, two-family
  • Mobile homes
  • Model homes
  • Temporary residential sales office
  • Brewery, Farm with a valid Class 8 manufacturing license
  • Sawmills, temporary
  • Wineries, Farm with a valid Class 4 manufacturing license
  • Beauty and barber shops; Beauty Parlors and Barber Shops in residence shall not require a site plan or any additional lot area, lot width, or setbacks over that which is required for the subject dwelling as specified in the district the residence is located or as modified in Article 23.
  • Churches, parish houses and other places of worship
  • Facilities dealing with the field of agriculture products.
  • Public buildings, structures, and properties of public service-type, including fire, ambulance or rescue services
  • Bakery shops
  • Candy stores
  • Dairy product stores
  • Florist shops
  • Garden shops, nurseries, and greenhouses
  • And more...

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