"We had been working with a national commercial real estate broker for years, waiting for that big 15,000 square feet, national tenant that never materialized. We knew we needed to make a change to a broker that knew the Frederick market like the back of their hand. We chose MacRo, who became instrumental in our strategy to break up our space and to market to local businesses. With MacRo on board I knew we were in the best position to find legit smaller tenants, and that's exactly what they did. I highly recommend the MacRo team. They have the perfect blend of skill, integrity, experience and Frederick connectivity to make the right deals for your space."

Daniel Cross, Cross & Company, LLC
Frederick, Maryland

Let MacRo Find the Commercial Space that’s Right for You

MacRo stands poised to help you navigate the Frederick, Maryland commercial real estate leasing market. Our team of commercial real estate veterans are expert negotiators who have a deep understanding of the Frederick County and Frederick City market. Whether you’re a small business seeking its first office space, an established business that’s ready to expand, or a larger organization searching for a new office, MacRo can negotiate a lease that meets your needs.

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MacRo: Local Knowledge with National Reach

With 25 years of Frederick commercial real estate leasing experience, the MacRo team has negotiated beneficial lease deals for startup, mid-size and large organizations.

Negotiating the best lease terms possible for your business is critical to its long term success. That’s why finding the right commercial real estate broker is possibly the most important decision you’ll make during this process.

Here’s why you should trust the MacRo team with these mission critical negotations:

  • MacRo has the deepest, most intimate knowledge of Frederick County and City commercial leasing market nuances
  • MacRo has a more than two decade track record of successful lease negotiations and an impeccable reputation locally and regionally
  • MacRo employs a proven, proprietary due diligence process that mitigates your risk and strengthens your negotiating position
  • MacRo offers buyers the best of both worlds: the knowledge and experience of a national brokerage firm with the intimate market wisdom of a local agency
  • The MacRo team has an unwavering commitment to nurture and maintain personal, down-to-earth customer relationships while closing leases that secure the long term health of your business